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"Eddie is doing amazing, settled in quite nicely, loving all the toys especially the one in the picture! Took to her 'condo' (crate) no problem, slept all night, woke up, we went the pouring rain!, she did her business, came in and enjoyed a hearty breakfast! She's been outside 'helping"with some yard work and now she's enjoying a good nap! We absolutely love her and feel so fortunate and blessed to have one of your puppies and to have met you both! We'll definitely stay in touch and keep you updated." A & D

He did wonderful on the drive home. We stopped on the way home so he could pee and poop. He is such a good boy. Ben is so smart. He's already using the bells to go out. He has stolen my favorite afghan."  C & J

"I just wanted to let you know Red aka Rosie is doing well. Hard to believe she will be a year old.  She loves to track, play with toys, sink her teeth into a bone. She is attentive to birds and airplanes in the sky.  She is bright, affectionate, friendly and a good guard dog.  We have never had a dog who loves the snow so much…you would think she is part malamute!"  J&A G

"Emma is everything we could have asked for and more.  She is a busy girl, yet easy to manage with a strong independent drive.  Her facial expressions are adorable ~ both sweet and highly intelligent. No problems with bathroom routines, diet or having her sleep through the night. We are both completely smitten.... 
Emma loves the water, which will make for an enjoyable summer."  V & O

"It’s been a bit more than two weeks since Libby became a part of our family and we’re so happy she’s here.
We are really impressed with how quickly she is learning!  She knows the bell, responds to sit, leave it, stay, and come!  I tell the girls what you told me -“she’ll love and respect you more with the more you train her” and the girls are doing it.  It’s so good to see!"  J,N,A,M

​"She’s growing into an incredibly intelligent and highly intuitive dog."  WG 

"She continues to protect, be loyal and bring us endless smiles and joy. We love her so, so much. 
Thank you for our best friend."  T&D

"He is so smart and full of personality. A great addition to our family. Hope all is well with you. We are camping and it is a favorite time for Echo. I must tell you once again we get so many compliments as to how gorgeous he is. We take him to obedience training and the owner, who grew up with Shepherds often comments on his disposition and his overall appearance. We love him to death and feel totally blessed with him in our lives. Thank you so much once again."  DK

"Just providing a small update on Ember.  She is doing very well!  She is incredibly smart!  A few repetitions and she nails it.  Sit, stand, shake a paw, heel when walking is mostly ok, sit once you stop walking, come, and we got her trained to use the bell at the door to go out for the bathroom.  We will be bringing her to a school in the area to do more training and to better learn how to train for future stuff.  Will keep ya posted on Ember, she is doing very well, and is such a sweetheart"  K & C

"He is incredible!!  He is such a fabulous dog . . . Love him!!!  BB

"Copper is doing awesome. He is a tank. He is 92 lbs as of right now and almost 7 months"  DC

"I just wanted to give you an update on Echo. He is amazing and such a wonderful personality. We took him to our first obedience training classes and he is super smart. He is all that we wished for and more. Thanks so much and hope things are going well."  S & D

"We are so happy with her.  She learns very quickly.  She now knows the bell for the door. She is such a gem of a dog, and we both love her very much!"  K & C

"We have so loved falling in absolute love with her this year.  Thank you for everything you did to connect us with our beautiful Bella.  She is precious and beyond adored!!!"  J & K

"Tess is doing very well and has definitely become a member of the pack." L & J

"Our Kaiser is very smart and very active boy. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone."  OV

"Happiness is one of your pups!! Just wanted to send a message and tell you how happy we are. She rode all the way and was perfect. B.... and I drove 4 1/2 hours to meet them ...we were excited I guess. The bell at the door is working perfect...she grabs it and is going out with to train all the adults to listen lol.  I know you said she was smart but I didn’t quite believe. But she is! Already she is sitting at my side when we stop....she has a ball with puppy chow in the center and after 2 days figured it out that you push it and treats fall out. But besides all that she is so loving and kind. Thank you again we love her. ❤️ J & B

"Just a small update on Ember.  She is doing very well and is such a wonderful little puppy.
On our way from your place, she only whimpered for the first few minutes, then went to sleep.  Same over the weekend, just whimpered casually from time to time.  She really likes to follow C.. around and seems to have taken to her quicker than me.  So cute to see her want to know and follow you around.  As the days went on, she quickly learned where the door was, and even goes to the door to go outside to use the bathroom.  We just did what my father did.  She wakes up, outside, done eating, outside, etc.  She even goes up the stairs on her own, and down the stairs.  We even did not entice her to do so.  She did on her own free-will which was amazing to see.  She got along great with my father’s German Shepherd very quickly." K & C

"I just wanted to contact you and give you another update on Meeko and how his training is going! First of all, he is getting so big! He’s about 7 months old now and almost as tall as our German-Rottweiler mix. He’s so handsome! He is doing an amazing job with his training, he’s impressing us all with how quickly he picks up on new tasks and how amazing he is at problem solving. We are currently focusing on casual interactions and coexistence with other dogs in our neighborhood to socialize and desensitize him to seeing and being around other dogs. At first, he was quite overwhelmed and very interested in them, but each time we practice he keeps getting better and more confident with being around them. I’ve also attached a picture of him during his “pack walk” with some other dogs that we know around the community. He is quickly becoming much more comfortable around dogs and I can tell how much this boosts his confidence.    
We are also starting to work on public access training which is going amazing! We’ve been taking it slowly to make sure that we proof all of his tasks and commands each time we introduce him to new distractions, just so we can make sure we’re setting him up for success. He is absolutely amazing at working around new environments and staying engaged around distractions! He impresses me (and people around us) every time we go out; he also gets lots of compliments on how handsome he is! 
He has been working very hard and loves learning new tasks and commands. A task we are currently working on is retrieving and giving specific items to me when asked. This takes a lot of shaping and practice for him to understand what exactly is being asked, but as always, he is making great progress every day and I’m sure he’ll be a pro in a few weeks!  
That's all for now, but I will be sure to send you another update in the future! He’s amazing and I’m so proud of him. He is always so excited to work and train, he practically jumps into his vest every time I take it out of the closet and is so eager to show off his skills to me and anyone around him. Meeko and I make a great team and we are both working very hard!"  SM

"Still competing with Skye in scent detection , she's doing very well. Just thought I'd let you know that we competed again this year in the 2021 Boneyard Challenge , 5 hides in 5 rooms less than 5 mins. Skye found all
the hides under the time limit off leash again this year. The National standings were just posted and Skye placed 26th out of 114 dogs across Canada. We're very proud of her, she loves scent detection even at 8 yrs old she gets excited to get going at the trials."  D & M

"A quick update on Storm, she is doing amazing, ---- has her trained to sit, stay, lay down, come, and what he calls “fist bump”, which is essentially you holding your fist out and she taps it with her paw.
Storm loves her belly rubs!  And she is more beautiful everyday!"  TT

"We just wanted you to know that Bella continues to grow and is doing so well! She seems to be very happy and particularly loves playing with her soccer balls!  She is always a little surprised to find them frozen these past mornings!  She listens well, plays enthusiastically and loves wholeheartedly!  The love is definitely mutual!"  JB

"A little update on Remmi.  He is doing very well and adjusted to his new home. We are Happy to have him join our family. He is very active and a handful at times but the cuteness out weighs the badness. Him and the cat are starting to like each other. He was super easy to house train.  He actually trained him self. From the time he came in the house,  when he wants to go out he automatically goes to the door and cries.  We find him Very Very smart . I have a German Shepherd trainer that is coming next week to start some training on him. He has LOTS of brains and we don’t want that to be wasted. We are looking forward to his developments. Thank You again for allowing us to have one of your Top Quality Dogs.   Side note:  he was a great traveller coming home but hates the vehicle now.  Hopefully that changes over time. All the Best to you both. Have a safe And Healthy Winter.  We will keep you updated on his progress.  Take Care."    D&M

"A quick update, Storm is doing well adjusting to her new home! Her favorite thing to do is pick up and toss her water bowl all over the floor and run off with the bowl. After about 4 times, we have now purchased heavier bowls..😂 She loves Sophie our Goldendoodle & our little dog Buddy and always wants to play. ___ spends time with her each day, with simple commands like sit, stay and come. She has it down already. The “come” is still a bit hit or miss as being a puppy she is easily distracted.  We have her second vet visit booked and ready to go also. We just love her, thank you!"  TT

"Bellatrix is such a beautiful addition to our family life!  She’s brought much joy to everyone!  We love her far beyond description ❤️"  JB

"One week has passed since beautiful Bella has joined our family!  She has settled into our family life with ease.  We all love her dearly and are so thankful to you both.  Thank you again, we love her so much!"  JB

"The little tyke has grown quite a bit, and he's a beauty.  Everything is going pretty smoothly, even though we've had a few "puppy" challenges.  He is very smart and loving, and we are all adjusting to family life together.  We have reached the point now where we cannot imagine life without him...."  TB

"Our best friend, companion, protector, provider of constant happiness, love and smiles is 5 years young today! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun....So happy we found you, so happy we have her. Looking forward to many more milestone birthdays ahead."  TG

​"Oakley got a new ball for her birthday today!  3 years old already - how time flies!  She is so clever.  We just love her to pieces!  She's a very happy pup!"  B & L

"I've received the registration.  Scout is doing great - he's very smart and training has been easy so far.  Very happy we came to you!"  SG

​"Koda is a very sweet boy and he is learning so quickly."  LR

"Runfree is very smart, energetic and loving, and a beauty too."  TB

"Navy is the best. Can’t wait to spend all the years with her."  SB

​"Ndya has settled in very well . Her second day here she mastered going up the stairs and yesterday she decided to go down them . There are only 6 stairs so it’s not so bad !  Everyone loves her including the Cali, the old girl . Aija loves her and plays with her. It took her a couple of days to decide just exactly what she was . Lol .  Ndya is full of spunk ! She has no fear at all . I caught her trying to jump down off the bed . She almost did it . She grabs Aija by the jowls and tugs on her . She loves to growl and be vocal when playing with her toys . She is an absolute joy. We just love her to death . Can’t thank enough for another amazing pup !"  T & A 

"Well 2 weeks later - Diesel and Koda are getting  to be brothers. Koda is a very smart, feisty but very sweet boy.  His personality is really starting to come through and we are so happy he is part of the family. Diesel wasn’t sure at first and mostly ignored him but Koda  just kept trying and trying and this week Diesel started to play more and more. Here is a sweet picture we took this evening.  Hope all is well and thank you for our beautiful new boy!"  L R

"Thanks again for the lovely dog. She’s amazing. Will
give her the best experiences I can. Ralph is gentle with her but remains skeptical. We all can’t take our eyes off her. . .She’s going to be a lot of work and it will all be worth it."  S B

"He is a delight!  He is not only adorable but very smart.  He is already learning things. . . . . Thank you both for the beautiful pup."  T B

"All settled in after only 24 hours. Slept thru the night, a solid 7 hours! Peeing outside, mostly lol! P. already has her sitting and downing!  Major bonding going on?  Loves her crate!  What else could we want??  We have a winner!  Thanks guys!"  P & R D

"​Skye was successful at the Boneyard Challenge. She found all 5 hides under the 5 min time limit. I let her search each room off leash and she found them all on her own. She should have had a career at scent work, she loves it." D & M

"Quick update on Axel-he is doing awesome.  He had his second shots yesterday and he now weighs in at 27lbs and is extremely healthy and smart.  He has taken well to crate and leash training and gets along well with other dogs, cats and people. He is very confident and does not shy away from new things.  He should turn out to be an awesome dog." JS

"Just letting you know that Skye got her advanced scent detection titles in container, interior and exterior. She got 1st place in exterior and because she got all the titles at one trial she received the SSDA -SP title. We are off to the boneyard challenge in Oct, it's find 5 hides in 5 ​rooms in a 5 minute time limit. Should be fun. Skye's very fast."  D&M

"Scout had a very busy first day with us. He slept through the night without making a sound!
No accidents in the house either:)"  HH

"Quick update to let you know little Montana is doing great.  He slept on D..’s lap on the way home and has taken to the house like he’s king of the castle. I brought a few meaty beef bones out of the freezer and he was occupied with them all evening, like a dog on a bone.  Hardly any whining overnight, and when I let him out this morning he ran around the back yard in the drizzle and had a good poop.  The little guy is at my feet sleeping while I type this. No, now he’s running around with toys in the kitchen – I have gates up to keep him contained, will take him outside about every hour for a run.  Great fun, I’ll send pictures of him growing up and will give you updates."  VC

"So far so good. Axel has been adjusting well.  You picked a good one! He only cried till I got to Ormsby, then he was good the rest of the way.  He also gets along well with Dixie and has been doing good with crate/house training - no accidents so far." JS

"3rd birthday checkup.  Vet says in perfect health. Very impressed how well he is doing with his training and how mature and smart he is. Thank you again."  S & J

"Thank you for our amazing new addition. 3 months   30lbs"  M & T

"Just wanted to give you an update on Aija . She is doing very very well . She is always with us . She stays on her property with us ( except if a bird comes along lol )
She is very happy and we just love her to bits .
Her ears are up most of the time now . She looks so cute ."  T & A 

​"Schultz now 9 weeks old.  We love him so much.  Although crowds are not supposed to be, he always draws one!  Such a great puppy, sleeps through the night, no accidents in the house, only 4 total since we brought him home!!!!  He is the greatest puppy ever, smart and bright.  I'm in love.  Too bad for G.  Guess who made it on The Rosedale Pet Value page?  Schultz.  He's like a movie star.  We were even asked to bring him into Shoppers Drug Mart today.  Everyone just loves him."  G & G C

"Aija had a great trip home. She slept most of the way. She is a great traveler. She is eating very well, loves her food. She loves Cali ( maybe a little more than Cali likes her right now) but Cali is very protective of her.
She had a great night. Woke up around 5:30 and I immediately took her out for a pee. She has now mastered the stairs. She is so smart.  I have some more pictures I will send to show you how well she is adapting to her new home. Thank you so much.  We love our new baby!!!"  T & A

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